Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Transition Week

This photo is from Little Man's second awake stretch last night. It lasted about an hour and a half!

Yum! Thanks big bro...

My mom came and spent the morning through lunch with us today. She has to teach dance at 3 so she won't be able to come help in the afternoons for most of this week. I guess you could call this my transition week. Today was the first day that I had both kiddos on my own for longer than an hour and it went much better than I expected!

Sandbox = Life Saver.

Nice slow walk up our driveway and back.
We looked for bugs.

I found the perfect snuggle bug!

We spent a lot of time outside and Ayden was occupied by his favorite play doh toys for a while. He didn't get what we call "the crazies" until the last 20 minutes or so and that is when we went back out to jump on his trampoline. I set a timer for 5 minutes and told him to jump his little heart out until it went off.  It worked and we stayed outside until David got home.  

My play group gals have been feeding us this week.  It has been so amazing to not have to worry about dinner.  I am really blessed to have those ladies in my life!

Mr. 1 week old!  Can't believe it...

I'm off to bed early tonight.  We made the mistake of staying up until 11 last night and I was a tired and grumpy mama until nap time.  It's so tempting to stay up and visit with my hubby and do some stuff for myself after Ayden is in bed but I have to take care of myself so I am better able to take care of everyone else!


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1 comment:

  1. It's its so tempting to stay up, but it definitely catches up to a mommy in the early days. I'm sure you know but i thought I might reassure you the day will come again when you can stay up for some quality time with David. As you said, it's important to stay rested at least for now.