Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Great Listener

I had some catching up to do with our hand washing this morning. 

Dish drying rack mountain building queen over here!  Haha.

Logan and I slept in again this morning.  When we got up we ate breakfast and then David went to mow while I hung out with my happy boys.

Weekend movie time!
My dad was out of town all last week so I took the kids over to see him and then David's mom brought lunch to the building site for all of us.

Our roof is finally waterproof!
Dirt mountain play.  It's been a while!
Logan had his first visit to his new house!
He slept the whole time...

Still sleeping...
Today was the first day since Logan's arrival that my boys did not nap at the same time.  That  of course means that mama did not get a nap today.  I made it without feeling too bad by the end of the night.  The good thing was that it gave me one on one time with each boy.  I know that this was the first day of many that their naps will not line up until Logan is on more of a schedule.

Logan and I spent Ayden's nap time chatting.
He's a great listener.
Progress by the end of the day.
We had a freezer meal for dinner and then David and Ayden played while I nursed Logan in peace and folded some laundry.  It was a refreshing amount of downtime for me!  We finished Logan's newborn photo shoot and are eager to see them after we do some editing because we're pretty sure we aren't totally happy with them.  We did our best, though.  It's a drawback of doing them ourselves I suppose.

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