Thursday, September 25, 2014

Show And Tell

Snuggly nursing baby.
Moments to hold onto forever!
Morning brother time.
The proud big brother got to show Logan off at story time today!!

Parachute time!
Safe to say Ayden was having fun.

Our favorite children's librarian was pretty smitten.

It was SOOO nice to get out of the house!  We were at the library for 2 hours. 

We came home for lunch and nap and when I laid down with Logan I tried reading some of my book on my Kindle.  Before I knew it I woke up 45 minutes later...  I guess I was a little more tired than I thought!

When Ayden woke up we went for a walk. 

David's parents are out of town for the weekend so Ayden and I had David at home this evening. He took Ayden to the farm to water the orchard and then they went to a nearby creek to throw rocks. They brought me back a shell souvinier. While they were gone Logan slept and I cleaned the kitchen, tidied and vacuumed like a mad woman. It was pretty amazing to be able to do all of that without being interrupted. Now we get to relax and enjoy a clean house for the evening!  


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