Friday, September 12, 2014

Milk's In

Logan is still a sleepy little dude. I set an alarm for every 2 hours round the clock so I can make sure he's eating enough.  It sure is a chore to wake him at night but I do my best.  My milk came in last night so even though he slept like a little rock, I was up most of the night trying to prevent engorgement.  Since he can't seem to keep up I've been using my Madela manual pump and my milkies milk saver to take the edge off.  It's working for me.

An ounce from let down on the other breast alone.

Today consisted of a lot of staring at this guy:

And making sure I make time to connect with this guy:

I love them both so much!  

One thing I remember savoring with Ayden that I catch myself doing again with Logan is admiring how fuzzy newborns are.  From the fuzz across their backs and shoulders to the fuzz on their faces (makes Logan look like he has some impressive side burns already) to how fuzzy the hair on their heads are.  

Can't forget the toes!

And how they curl and squish.
Every inch is just so sweet!
Logan also had a few firsts today!  We took the "just born" photo for his monthly photos.

I'd be perfectly content to have him stay my squishy, cuddly newborn forever but I looking forward to watching him grow and change.  Since there is no stopping it I might as well savor it!

Up until now Logan has hung out in a diaper so we can be skin to skin as much as possible and when he has been dressed (when we have visitors) he's been in gowns.  Today he got to get dressed in an actual outfit.

Super cute!
David needed to drive our mower the half mile over to the building site and I always follow him to make sure he makes it safely.  That means Mr. Logan needed to be dressed and it also means he had his first car ride.

We buckled him in and put him in the car and I did not hear a single peep out of him all the way there and back.  Ayden HATED the car seat from the second we put him in it in the hospital.  We spent every car ride singing, playing our wedding song and cursing every red light or slow driver that made us have to stop.  It was a little bazaar for us...  

 Logan is such a chill little dude.  We know that can change, especially since my milk is in now and tummy issues can always arise, but are just enjoying it as long as it lasts. Whether it's the way he'll be for the rest of this week or whether it's his personality for good.  We could use a little mellow in our lives so we'll enjoy it as long as we have it!


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  1. The 2nd baby usually is opposite in personality from first. I think he is gonna be a mellow guy. My daughter hates the car seat and cries when we stop too. I think you are lucky Logan is a good sleeper. My daughter never slept very well as newborn and fussed often. She still is a handful but I love her so much. These babies are our lives. I never could nurse well either..very low milk supply. I think things are going great for you. And if you avoid chocolate and dairy, they say babies don't get gassy as much.