Saturday, September 20, 2014

Photo Shoot Bust

This pretty much sums up Logan's demeanor thus far in one photo:

Mr. Mellow
I'm surrounded by these guys in this house.  Haha.

Ayden and I took Logan on his first trip to the farmer's market today!

This afternoon our Nashville friends came to meet the new guy. 

They were just as smitten as us!
We had a great visit as always and after they left we got Mr. Ayden off to bed,

Before bed snack.  Love his little toes!

And then attempted to finish Logan's newborn photos. 

Our home photography studio.
It unfortunately ended up being a bust tonight. We got him into a deep sleep but as soon as we started taking photos he decided to poop and the clean up process ended up waking him up.  We were also tired so are just going to try again tomorrow night.  We're hoping that since all of the stuff will already be set up that it will make it a little easier.  I just wanted to get them done before the two week mark so we technically have two more nights to do it!  Now I hope that I'm not a zombie tomorrow since we are getting to bed so late.  Logan gave me 3 hour stretches last night and I felt like a whole new woman today.  Here's hoping he does it again!

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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