Friday, September 5, 2014

Normalcy Is Wonderful

I have been LOVING having my normal routine back this past week!!  I even took some time to make Ayden a new blanket for his crib:

We were actually using a jersey knit swaddle blanket.  It was big for a swaddle blanket but not big enough for a toddler's night time blanket.  It would get all tangled around him and not really cover him up while he slept and he was waking us to cover him back up sometimes at night.  I made this one big enough to tuck in under the bottom of his mattress and we are teaching him to pull it up to cover himself back up.  That'll be a handy skill for him to have for sure!  I had looked around on the internet on Etsy and such and toddler bedding sets are expensive!  I got this fabric on sale and the blanket was under $20 and really easy to make.

Because of Labor Day, play group was pushed to yesterday so we missed story time.  I took Ayden to the library to check out some new books and play for a bit and that along with a (hopefully my last) chiropractor appointment were the only things on our agenda for the day.

Library bathroom selfie, haha.

It was a nice, slow paced day.  Now I shall leave you with a very sweet photo that my midwife took a couple of weeks ago:

Proud big bro!

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