Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Day Of Aydenisms


Still pregnant and still feeling good.
41 weeks and 3 days today.
We had another busy day today.  Took Mav to the groomer and then my mom ran some errands with me.  Whole Foods, TJ Maxx for some kid birthday gift shopping (we are now stocked up on presents for every kid birthday we have coming up through December) and the farmer's market.  We got home and napped, went back to get Mav and then had a couple of hours at home before we had to tackle bed time.  David and I were both exhausted by the day's end so we had to really rally and help one another to get our energetic boy to bed but we did it!  We both plan to go to bed early tonight!  

Throughout the day, if Ayden said something that made me smile I took note of it.  I am well aware that my one-on-one time with him is coming to an end so I just wanted to make an extra effort to really appreciate it today.  Here are some cute Aydenisms from our day today along with a smattering of photos.  Enjoy!

"Bad bears eat bugs and all kinds of stuff in them mouths.  But nice bears don't eat very well..."

He chose to hold a kitten at the pet store!
"I love the sunshine, Mommy. It's the best sunshine ever!"

He put himself in there.
Apparently it was a train.
"Mommy, you are my very best friend." (And then my heart melted into a puddle on the floor)

Brinner (breakfast for dinner) for the win for this tired mama!
Quick and easy.
Can't forget the freshly squeezed OJ.

Ayden: "I don't like having a penis."
Me: "Why?"
Ayden: "Because I don't like to have to go pee pee."
Me: Why don't you like to go pee pee?"
Ayden: "Because it's always too late to go pee pee."

Up on the roof top for some underlayment today!
"Monsers eat worms. They share worms with birds."

"Can you get my snacks, please?  My tummy hurts so bad and I need to put food in it!"

Ayden's imagination is really taking off.  He is really into bears, monsters and what things eat these days.  Some moments are trying, he is two after all, but there are also many moments during the day where we are so overwhelmed with love and affection for our little man.  David and I are both ready to meet Logan and to start the new chapter in our lives but we have also been grateful for this little bit of unexpected extra time that we have been given to really soak in our firstborn.  

What was something funny that your little one said today?


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  1. I'm anxious to find out when and how Logan is going to make his debut, but I'm so glad these extra days of pregnancy are treating you well! My son says the funniest things. Today he said, "mama, my bottom's not working to get my poo poo out!"

  2. Aaahhh, you are still prego!! :-) I have been checking back every night to see THEE post. You amaze me woman! You are keeping it real and so together. Wyden if course is adorable and cracks me up.