Saturday, September 27, 2014

Farmer's Market and Beyond!

Guess who gave us 4 hour stretches of sleep last night!

This guy!
Morning chat time.
Today's nursing time life saver.
Color Magic markers/paper and Melissa and Doug space sticker sheet.
To infinity and beyond!
...or maybe just to the farmer's market and beyond.  Ayden fell asleep on the way home from the farmer's market which was awesome because my niece's birthday party was from 1-3 today which is usually right when Ayden takes his nap.  He couldn't have chosen a better day for an early nap!

Daddy and Logan snuggles!
This was right before Logan spit up on David's chin.
Almost in his mouth because he had given him a kiss seconds before.
Ha! (I may have laughed just a little bit...)

It was a Sophia the First party.
My sister rocked the homemade cupcake cake!
We had a great time at the party.  There were a lot of folks there who had not yet met Logan so we were pretty proud parents as we showed him off to everyone. 

He slept the party away...

Ayden was delighted that a couple of people brought little gifts for him too!  He had a blast playing with all of the kids.

When we got home a friend of ours who owns a pet store came to show us how to clip our chicken's wings.  We finally decided to bite the bullet and do it since there is chicken poop all over the place around here.  Now hopefully they will stay in their fence and we can have a nice clean sidewalk and porch!  I had some quiet time with Logan while David and Ayden went to Lowes for some house related stuff and we ended the evening with a family movie night.  We watched Ratatouille and Ayden loved it!  We are hoping for another great night but not betting on it.  We have found that if you don't hold your expectations too high you are better equipped to handle things when they don't go "as planned" and enjoy it that much more when they do!


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