Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Birth Order

40 weeks and 6 days today!

Tomorrow we will officially be one week overdue.  I still feel really good which makes me wonder if I'm anywhere near birth...  I mean, I suppose I have to be but I'm pretty sure I should be more uncomfortable than this.  Right?  I have not been half as active during this pregnancy as I was during Ayden's unless keeping up with Ayden counts.  The only other thing I can think of that might contribute to my overall comfort this late in the game could be my consistent chiropractic care.  As long as I am well fed, stay out of the heat and have easy access to a bathroom when needed I could still almost forget I am pregnant half the time.  On the other hand, if I go too long without eating, am out in the heat for too long or have to pee really bad I get pretty grumpy pretty fast.  There's also the other half of the time when I feel like I have a thick lump of something in my chest/throat (my form of indigestion I suppose?), feel like a beached whale when I have to readjust myself in bed, or put on another shirt only to find that it needs to be added to the Whinnie The Pooh shirt pile.  Those are the times when I am well aware that I have been pregnant for so long.  Even so, I am still relishing these extra days I am being given and am perfectly content to let him cook a little longer.

Logan's movements have begun to slow down and my Braxton Hicks contractions are a bit crampy and cause me to feel some downward pressure.  Not so Braxton Hicks and more of light, early labor contractions if you ask me...  Ayden and I had a little bit of a busy day.

Fixing all the doors in the house for instance...
We also went to the chiropractor and ran a few errands.  While I was out and about I picked up some more sensory bin materials thinking that keeping Ayden's sensory bin fresh and exciting while Logan is a newborn may be a good way to keep him busy.

I also have put together a bin of busy bags/new toys and activities, a really awesome big brother gift that is sure to keep him busy and I have made a visual options chart for independent play.  Who knows if any of it will work but I am hoping that between everything I have prepared, I can have things to reach for to keep Ayden busy when I need to!

I saw this chart on FB or somewhere recently and it is something that has always interested me: 

I am the youngest of three and I don't think that all of the characteristics for the last child fit me (I am possibly the least competitive person that I know for instance), but it is still interesting to think about. One thing that I try to stay aware of is my tendency to let other people take care of things for me.  Growing up I always had so many older people in the household taking care of things and as a result I still tend to sit back and let that happen.  Luckily, since David's brother is 9 years older than him he is more like an only child than a last born so he doesn't mind spear heading a lot of things in our household.  Anyway, just something interesting to pass along since Ayden's fate is going to soon change from only to first.  

And now I shall leave you with a photo of the highlight of our evening:

That's right, Ayden had stripped because he got his clothes wet playing in the sink.  Then when he saw the puddles he got all excited, slipped into his rain boots and went streaking through the puddles.  I got more cute pictures but in an effort to not embarrass future Ayden, we'll keep those private.  The thing that made it the real highlight of the evening was the fact that I was videoing Ayden running through the puddles and before we knew it, David comes running out of the house and across the puddles dressed exactly the same way as his son. Haha, good thing we live in the country!  I am surprised that the laughter that ensued did not put me into labor!

Where are you in the birth order of your family?  How do you think it affected who you became as an adult?


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  1. I can't believe your still pregnant, I check everyday to see if you have had that baby yet!

    You are so prepared- I love it. I wish I was that organized.

    I'm an only child. A few of those do apply to me but not all. I'm totally forgiving, I probably forgive too easily and I'm definitely not a leader!

    That picture is so cute. I about LOL'ed when I heard that David did the same thing. Too funny!

    1. David had me rolling! I'm not sure that anything I have prepared will help ease our transition but it was what I was most anxious about so I dedicated a lot of my nesting energy towards that. How do you like being an only child?

  2. Hi,
    My name is Lisa, and I was one of your Vlog followers for quite some time. I enjoyed getting to know you and your wonderful family and was really happy when you moved back to the farm. Then I noticed you weren't taping much, so I kind of lost touch....

    But, what a wonderful surprise to come by today and find out about ALL this wonderful happy news! Congrats!!

    I do HOPE at some point, you'll go back to vloging...you were great at it and I really enjoyed your videos! Ayden is all grown up and a a new baby 'over due" WOW! Best Wishes!!

    Off to read -- so I can catch up and see if we know that the baby is? Best wishes and hope this birth is a breeze for you!!

    aka ThePurplePlace

    1. Thank you for commenting! In case you didn't find it, we are having another BOY and naming him Logan. You can definitely keep up with our lives here. I post everyday!

  3. Oh my gosh! That is hysterical. I'm just as surprised that the laughing didnt induce labor. I can only imagine how hard I would have laughed had my husband done the same! Haha!!

    I like the chart. It's very interesting. I am the oldest of 5. I believe I match all the characteristics. I'm curious to see how my 3 kiddos develop and what their roles would be. My hubby is 2nd of 4 but is more like the oldest and his older brother is probably best described by the "youngest" category. Interesting...

    1. It was amazingly unexpected. We all needed the laugh! Birth order interests me so much! I'm sure there is no mold and that every family is different but I definitely believe that it has an effect on who you become!

    2. I believe 1st and last babies are easiest to identify. The first is usually expected to help with siblings and/or set a good example. The youngest usually has others to care for them and have his/her hand held through most things. But I agree with you that it is hard to generalize.