Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Day In Pictures: Newborn Land

It's been more of the same wonderfulness around here. 

Fuzzibunz XS diaper
Still Mr. Mellow
Brotherly love!
Walk with my boys.
My heart is so full!
Sucking his little fingers.
Midwife appointment!
He weighed in at 7lb 5oz.
An ounce above birthweight at 8 days!
She gave me my copies of her paperwork.
Now we can write our birth story.
Blurry but adorable.

Another walk.

More brotherly love.
I figured since it's just more of the same for us around here that I didn't really need to write too much... I will say that things are going much better than I had expected during this adjustment period.  I thought we'd be in brutal newborn + toddler survival mode for weeks but Logan has made this such an easy transition on all of us; especially Ayden which I am thrilled about for him.  Like I keep saying, we aren't sure if Logan will stay this mellow or not but we are appreciating it while it lasts, however long that may be. 


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1 comment:

  1. I can't wait to read your birth story. This water birthing has got me real curious. And, mellow Logan is adorable. Mellow is the greatest. I wonder what makes some babies mellow and others not. My baby was never mellow as newborn, but more easy going now at 16 months. Still hates carseat if in it longer then 20 minutes. I also admire you for doing cloth diapers. I bought a whole supply and gave them up. I bought liners for the messy diapers but the liners get out of alignment and I have huge messes. So, good for you in keeping it up.