Sunday, September 28, 2014

Busy Daddy

Today was a much slower day for the kids and me. It pretty much just consisted of movies, house work and a walk. 

Our house looks like this about an hour after we clean it.

We just haven't figured out how to work maintenance back in.
Feedings have taken that time out of my day...

I did get the kitchen cleaned up and FINALLY got caught up on putting all of our clean laundry away.  

I also did a lot of sleeping baby holding and toddler snuggling.
Today's life saver was an old toy Ayden hadn't seen in a while.
David kept busy weed eating our overgrown chicken yard, mowing over at the building site and robbing our hives of the Fall honey!

No longer sky scrapers.
We'll close them up for Winter in about a month.

Looks like we'll be having another honey harvest tomorrow!


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And two years ago today: "Mr. Social"

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1 comment:

  1. It takes awhile to get back into a routine. Just enjoy those precious baby snuggles and toddler snuggles while you can. Your house will be there when your ready to clean it!