Monday, September 29, 2014

Play Group Pumpkin Party!

The hens seem to be less than thrilled about the new arrangement...

It makes us a little sad but we were finding ourselves staying inside instead of enjoying this beautiful Fall weather because their poop is everywhere. That's not a good thing...  Also, their fence provides enough square footage for them to still be considered "free range" and the coop can be moved so that they always have fresh pasture. I'm sure they would beg to differ though.

During play group today we had a pumpkin painting party. It was really fun!

The host family had a big garden this year and those pumpkins were picked right from there. It was so nice of them to share with all of us!

The rest of the day was pretty standard.

David stayed home and had some quality time with Ayden while I cleaned up around here which was awesome for us all. We also had some big Logan news. David was making Ayden laugh at dinner and was making funny faces and sounds at. Logan and he smiled a little!  It was so cute. Of course I didn't have a camera ready but it gave us a glimpse of the sweet smile that we will be seeing all the time soon enough. 

So much happens in the first year and we are excited to be witnessing him working on that first big milestone!


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