Thursday, February 26, 2015

We See The Light

Things are transitioning back to normal with this sweet boy.

Whoever came up with the Wonder Weeks is a genius.  It is so amazing to be able to predict and understand disruptions in a baby's normal behaviors.  It is also reassuring to know that any behaviors that develop during "stormy" periods are only temporary while they work through their developmental leaps rather than worrying that it is their new normal. This leap was a doozy for us as far as sleep goes and how much he wanted to be held.  The past couple of days have been almost back to normal and that is a beautiful thing for this spoiled mama.

We have never actually read the Wonder Weeks book but the App is something I would put on my list of must-haves for baby's first year!  The developmental leaps and the chart for stormy periods were spot on for Ayden and have for Logan so far and they are two VERY different children.  It's a pretty amazing tool!

Do you use the Wonder Weeks?  Did they line up with your child's behaviors?


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  1. I bought an individual chapter for my kindle and I didn't really feel a need to buy more chapters (or the entire book) because the app is plenty helpful. It is reassuring and I have you to thank for introducing me to it!! Glad to hear Logan is getting back to his usual self :)

  2. My gosh, I've been away too long. They are growing so fast. Such sweet photos of them. Glad your coming through the end of the rough patch. Changes in their behavior can be very tiring.