Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still Snowed In

Another day at home in the books. I am really looking forward to taking David to work and having my car tomorrow!!  Even though it's going to be COLD... Considering that we have been snowed in all week, it was still a pretty good day with my boys. 

Thanking me for his milk.
He named his parrot "Open Wing Parrot Eye"
Haha.  Sounds Native American or something...

Bedtime stories.
I am getting the cold that the boys had. I have had some early signs for a few days but it hit full force today. I've been drinking lots of water, downing my feel better tea, taking some immune boosting/infection fightig supplements and diffusing aome dōTERRA Breathe all day. A good thing is that, since the boys are on the mend, we have all been sleeping better. More rest should help too!


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