Thursday, February 5, 2015

Peep Peep

We've been doing a little research...

So we would be prepared for this!

*Hopefully* about 21 days from now we'll start having some fuzzy babies hatching out of those eggs!  

My dad's friend who gave us our original 14 Rhode Island Red hens so generously gifted us the fertilized eggs, the incubator, 2 waterers and a little feeding trough. They are such amazing people and we will always hold them near and dear to our hearts for helping us out so much with one of our first farming endeavors!  He has also offered us a rooster so our current ladies may have a stud by the weekend. We haven't quite decided on that one but we know he could probably at least offer some sort of protection against the dang opossums (there was another lurking around tonight). 

We are down to 5 hens and our end goal is to get back up to 14 plus a rooster. With a rooster in the flock, not only will we get some added protection for our girls and get to hear him crowing (something I've always liked) but we will also get to collect our own fertilized eggs to incubate next Winter. He gave us 22 eggs so the plan is that we will keep the 9 or so hens that we choose, and he will take whatever is left and raise them himself for meat birds. 

We can't wait to share this amazing process with Ayden. He is already so excited! I think my having Logan in my belly all Summer has helped him make connections about what is going on in those eggs. 

For now, we just have to keep an eye on the temperature (it needs to stay around 100*), we need to turn them 3 or 4 times a day and add water to the bottom to keep the humidity levels up. I even found a fancy chart that will help me keep track of whether or not I have turned those babies when I need to. 

Wish us luck on a good hatching rate and let the chicken raising begin!


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