Tuesday, February 10, 2015

DIY Fruit Leather

Nothing too exciting to report for today. We just ran a bunch of errands. 


post office.
Ayden put himself in the basket while I was sending off a couple of packages.
I guess his legs were tired?

Yesterday, however, I did use our dehydrator to make something pretty exciting:

Homemade Fruit Leather!
My original plan was to use mini cookie cutters to cut shapes we could peel off, good ol' Fruit Roll Up style but the cookie cutters just would not cut through (which actually made me worried we wouldn't be able to eat them). When that didn't work I decided to use scissors to cut it in strips and roll them up, Fruit By The Foot style, and that worked beautifully. 

The texture was a little chewier than store bought but it was sill enjoyable and the ingredients list was stellar by comparison. Banana, Mango, water, honey. That's it!  We hosted play group yesterday and shared them with our friends and they were a success with kids and moms alike. The kale chips we make regularly alone make owning a dehydrator worth it but fun (and raw!) treats like this are definitely an added bonus. If you don't own a dehydrator or have no interest in owning one, don't fret! Most recipes also include instructions for making fruit leather in an oven set to its lowest temperature.

Something to note: if you make these in a dehydrator, don't forget to use a Paraflexx nonstick sheet or it would drip through the holes of your standard mesh sheets.  Also, when we licked the blender we discovered that it could pass for a delicious mango banana "pudding" pre-dehydration.  YUM.

 Let's kick those artificial colorings to the curb and give these a try!!  If you do, be sure to come back and let me know what how it went. 


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