Thursday, February 12, 2015

Brave Brothers

Since Logan was still getting over the flu during the boys' well visits a couple of weeks ago, the doc wanted us to come back after a couple of weeks for their vaccines. Ayden needed his last Helatitis B shot (last shot until he's 4!) and Logan got his DTAP. 

As always, we talked about what was to come with Ayden. We have watched the Daniel Tiger episode a of getting a shot countless times as well as giving pretend checkups with Ayden's doctor kit. Last time he got a shot he was very anxious and was crying in the waiting room before they even called us back. This time he was hesitant but BRAVE!  He watched them give the shot and cried for a minute or so but then he was over it and moved on.  Logan didn't cry at all which surprised me. I have heard that MMR stings the most going in which may explain why he cried his little head off last time. After that experience I was ready for it to happen again and all he did was widen his eyes. These boys amaze me everyday and we are in a really nice smooth patch with Ayden at the moment. 

Maverick went to the doctor today too. He has an ear infection that came on fast. His ear is red, inflamed, and it hurts him when we rub or scratch behind it. They trimmed his ear hairs, cleaned it out, gave him antibiotic and steroid shots then sent us home with some ointment to administer everyday. 

Poor old man.
On our way home we stopped by the post office and the boys got some Valentines in the mail!

These boys sure are loved!

Speaking of loving my boys, we are really loving having a rooster around!  We heard him crow for the first time this morning which we have been looking forward to.


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  1. My little boy loves Daniel Tiger too. We sing the little songs all the time! I like how it focuses on emotions and how to properly handle certain situations.

  2. My first son was so chunky that he never seemed to mind shots! Now he is definitely not a fan as a thin toddler ☺