Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Kitchen Sink

Logan must still be sleeping off his illness because he took close to a 3 hour nap this morning!  I kept going in to check on him. Luckily the sister who is in town visiting spent the day with my other sister at our nephew's wrestling tournament so I was able to let him get the sleep he needed. 

I think Logan waking up from a nap may be one of Ayden's favorite parts of the day. He always runs in ahead of me and starts talking so sweetly to Logan. Today, I was in the living room folding clothes on the couch and Ayden was "reading" to Logan. 

Since Logan slept for so long their afternoon naps were offset a bit. That means that Logan got to play quietly and independlty with all of his toys and of course had me to himself. 

We ended the evening with a Super Bowl party at my parents' house. David's parents came too so this guy got LOTS of love!

Before we left I said in the most excited  voice I could, "Ayden!  We are going to go watch a big football game. Let's wear a shirt with a football on it!" And he replied matter of factly, "Nope. I'm wearing a baseball shirt." That pretty much sums him up. I'm pretty sure we won't have to worry about this kid being a follower. He always marches to the beat of his own drum.

Here is some house progress!  They have been working on the plumbing. It's really cool to see some function coming together. 

Laundry room!

The kitchen sink!
(I'm really excited about this one because I spend A LOT of time at the kitchen sink...)


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