Monday, February 9, 2015

Happy 5 Months, Logan!

Read about what Logan at 4 months here!
Logan is still our mellow little dude.  He seems to just love life and EVERYONE in it.  He has smiles for everyone and will happily go to anyone. He loves to coo and blow raspberries pretty much all the time. He has tell tale signs of developmental leaps and right now he is in the "Relationships" leap.  When he's in a "stormy period" he likes to be held much more during his awake hours and wakes a little more frequently at night.  His sleep is also a little less predictable (more frequent, shorter naps for example) and he's been known to want to party and play around 3am for about an hour before he's ready to finish his night's sleep.  

He has mastered rolling both ways and prefers to play on his tummy most of the time.  He can sit up and play with a Boppy behind him and can sit on his own for a few seconds before teetering forward or over to one side. He seems to be able to sit up independently for a little longer when he is exploring something and doesn't realize that we have let go.  We can't expect him to stay where we leave him anymore.  Through a mix of rolling, kicking his legs like crazy, pushing back with his hands and helicoptoring around, he can eventually make it half way across a room.  He is a VERY hands on little boy.  He really loves to reach out and touch faces, the pets, and anything and everything that is anywhere near touching distance.  His favorite thing to do at the moment is to curl and uncurl his fingers against things, almost like he's scratching an itch.  

He is still nursing like a champ.  He went through a period of being easily distracted but he's doing a little better about focusing on feeding now.  I think he may be gearing up for a growth spurt at the moment because he actually nursed a few extra times today and was even frustrated a time or two at the end of a feeding.  He's putting in an order for more milk and I guarantee that I'll get engorged at least one time within the next couple of days...

As far as sleep goes, on his best night he'll give us 4-5 hours during his first stretch of sleep before he'll wake to eat.  Then he'll go 3-4 hours for the rest of the night.  He's ready to go to bed anywhere between 6:30 and 7:30 and I just follow his cues to let me know when to lay him down.  He is sucking his thumb more and more these days and has put himself back to sleep a few times with it.  We are indifferent when it comes to him soothing himself this way.  We see pros and cons and have decided to allow him to do what he needs and let nature run its course (we'll probably regret this decision when he's still sucking his thumb at 7 years old or when he's in middle school and requires some expensive orthodontics.  Ha!).

This is the first time where I thought they looked a lot alike.
It's like different faces on the same body/head!
- everyone
- being held/worn
- touching EVERYTHING
-the pets.  He thinks Mavericks howls are hilarious!
- books.  He especially loves books with pictures of smiling kids in them.  He smiles back.
-kicking his legs like CRAZY during diaper changes
- waking up in the morning.  He's always SO happy to see us and gives us the biggest smiles.
-blowing raspberries
- taking naps
- smiling at the handsome cutie that he sees when he looks in the mirror.
- baths
- pulling anything he can get his hands on into his mouth
- gumming on his fingers (I predict that his right bottom tooth will come in first.  And soon.)
- bouncing when held in a standing position
- music.  Especially when mommy sings or Daddy plays his guitar.

- being poked/prodded too roughly by his big bro (happens more than we'd like) 
- being sick
- being tired
- being cold
- waiting for me to get ready when nursing under a cover

Simply put... He's amazing.  I thank him for being who he is everyday. 


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  1. Aww, happy 5 months, Logan! He's getting so big and it's neat to see how much he looks like Ayden at this age. :)