Saturday, February 7, 2015

From Foon To Spoon

We have been needing a day like today!

Here's how we took advantage of some glorious sunshine:

Helping Daddy clean out the chicken coop.

Logan's first ride in the Ergo.


A new stud in the barnyard.

Ayden named him "Tail"
(It's actually pretty fitting since he is a red roster with a white tail.)

He be struttin'


Logan rolled and wiggled until he could touch Mav.
Some of our favorite friends came out to the building site and we let the kids run wild.  Their 2 year old daughter has been asking to play outside with Ayden all week.  They texted to make it happen and we are so glad they did!

First time touching grass!
He was a fan.
David went to an adoption celebration this evening for the drummer from his old band.  It was late and at a bar so I gladly stayed home with the boys.  Logan has been up to party in the wee hours of the morning lately and I am TIRED.  He'll wake around 4 or so and happily babble, blow raspberries and reach out to find me in the dark.  It is SOOO cute but also SOOO early.  This seems to be his "thing" during developmental leaps along with wanting to be held more during the day (easy fix with baby wearing).  It definitely beats wearing cranky pants but it still wears me down.

Ayden has had some new developments too. He has had some speech sound substitutions that have evolved into the sounds they are supposed to be.  He used to say "Moo-mie" and now he says "movie."  His /sp/ blend was always replaced by an /f/ sound (ie. fider for spider, foon for spoon, fot for spot, etc.) and out of the blue, he started saying them all right.  On his own he has also started to notice that he says an /f/ sound for /th/ and has started slowing his speech down and trying his best to say the /th/ digraph correctly.  We have never brought these errors to his attention (mainly because they are age appropriate) so it's been really neat to see his speech develop and evolve on its own.  He also stammers pretty often, especially when he gets excited, by saying the first word of his sentence several times before going on.  This is also age appropriate for now but I'll keep an ear out and continue to monitor his progress with it.  The speech/language pathologists I used to work with always told me that ignoring a stutter or stammer is the best thing to do; so we never draw his attention to it.  Chances are he'll stop on his own as he gets a little older.  Right now it's just that his brain is moving a mile a minute and his mouth has a hard time keeping up.

It is supposed to be warm again tomorrow but not as sunny.  We'll take what we can get but that sunshine really did feel SOOOO good today.


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