Monday, February 2, 2015

So Alive

There's that adorable thumb again...
Admiring the new movie from Auntie Joni.
We'll be watching Tangled on our next movie day!
(and probably the next 20 movie days after that...)

Logan met his great uncle for the first time today.
(My dad's little bro)

Back nap.

Finally witnessed him rolling from back to belly.
He usually does it when I'm not looking.

After a day of running around with all of his big cousins, Ayden was SO alive!  Just further proof that he is an extravert. We have been doing a lot of thinking about what kind of schooling he will have.  It is between public and home at the moment.  There are ever growing pro/con lists for each and this will definitely added.  There is so much hands on, project based learning that can happen on a farm and things should be up and running well enough by the time Ayden is ready for Kindergarten.  We just need to make sure his extroverted social needs are met.  Logan will also be old enough to meet some of those needs by then which will be helpful for sure.  The tough decisions of parents are never ending.

My sister and her boys leave tomorrow. I plan on packing the boys up first thing to squeeze in one more tiny visit before they have to go. 

Any home schoolers out there?  How do you meet the social needs of your children?  What curriculum would you recommend?  Ever heard of "unschooling?" 


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  1. My hubby was home schooled and I plan on home schooling my little Ayden too! He is only 2 but I am already planning preschool. Check out this blog I really like how she home schools,

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  3. We plan to homeschool, but where we live there is a "university type" school. So they go to "school" with other homeschool kids 2 days a week and then do the rest of their work at home the other 3 days. Not sure about too many details yet since my son is only 2.5 but we might do that. I think as long as you take them out of the house often kids are going to naturally be socialized and maybe even more so "socialized" because they will be used to interacting with people of all ages and not just kids of their own age.

  4. Homeschooling has benefits. You are the one in control and no what is going on. Kids sneak treats, and teachers give it out. playdates help keep kids social when homeschooling.

  5. We have enjoyed homeschooling our children since preschool and graduated our first last year with three to go. We have one in 10th doing online accredited high school, one in 7th, and our youngest in 6th. Because we are Christian we use primarily Christian resources but some secular (non religious).
    Choosing curriculum for your children (if you choose home schooling) will depend on your educational philosophy. There is so much available now for homeschooling and you will perhaps even find there is too much. Lol A good place to begin is to understand what you believe about how children (yours specifically) learn the best. Hands on, lapbooking, work books, texts etc. A great blogger who does a little of each is (I'm no affiliated in anyway I just really like her blog.

    If you have any questions I'd be glad to help out. Older been-there-done-that-Mums should help the newbies. :)

  6. I was homeschooled. I got social interaction though church on Sundays, Awanas on Wednesdays, and soccer on Saturdays (every fall). I also at different times was a part of a homeschool choir, band, and science club. I also made a lot of friends in my neighborhood that I played with weekly or more often.
    We would like to homeschool our kids when the time comes. I have heard a little about unschooling and am also very curious. I have only read a couple blog posts and know of some blogging parents who do it, but don't know much more. There is a book I want to get from the library about it. Amazon has it.