Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Candy Land

We had beautiful weather today!

David took a vacation day from work and spent his day at the build site working with the excavator on digging trenches for conduits. 

While he was doing that I was playing with these two cuties. 

She told me our eggs were "divine." Haha.

My sister needed a babysitter for a few hours this morning so I volunteered. Ayden loved having his cousin over play!

This little boy is a rolling machine!  

My view after nursing him.
He'll even roll a few times in one direction to get to something and explore it. Does that qualify as "on the move"?  Of not, he'll warm thy label very soon I'm afraid... He rarely stays on his back to play these days. He's also starting to teeth. Logan changing so fast and becoming more amazing everyday. I really love being a mom of 2. 

We have some fun homesteading news to share tomorrow. We are trying a little something new and we are excited!


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