Sunday, February 22, 2015

Chicken Birth Supplies

Tonight was the last time turning our first clutch of eggs!  We have some that were added a few days later so we will continue turning those tree times a day but the first clutch gets to rest until their big debut in about 3 days!  I've started gathering their home birth supplies :) . We needed to put cheese cloth under them to help contain the mess, we also needed to add a sponge of water and close a vent hole on the lid to increase the humidity. Once they hatch they are to remain in their cozy incubator for about two days and once they are completely and adorably dry and fluffy we move them into their "brooder" where they will remain until mid Spring. 

We are so excited about the arrival of these babies and I know that come mid-Spring we will be excited to get them out of the house and into the coop!  

I haven't posted any house progress in a while. Things were put on hold during our recent snowpocolypse but they have been working this weekend and they have made a good deal of plumbing progress. They are done with the drain/vent system for now and are ready to move on to the supply side.

The exciting part is that we are getting to the stage where I get to start choosing interior fixtures, faucets and stuff. 

The bathroom faucets I chose.
It's a good example of the overall feel we are going for...
With the help of Pinterest I have a great idea of how I want our home to look and luckily David is on board with all of the ideas I have pitched so far.  I've heard that building a home together can be tough on a relationship but, knock on wood, we seem to be on the same page. It has been really fun getting to start using my virtual daydreaming to make this house into a home!


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  1. Exciting on home. How fun. Hope to see pictures of those chicks hatching. How educational and exciting. Good luck.