Sunday, February 8, 2015

Leaps = Naps

I took a nap with the boys today and it felt SOOO good. Naptime is my productve time. I usually turn on Netflix, make a cup of hot tea and accomplish a few things from start to finish. The last few days, however, I seemed to walk in circles. The combo of going to bed too late and being up with Logan for an hour or so in the wee hours of the morning have turned my productive time into walking in circles time. I snuggled next to Logan to nurse him to sleep and it felt SOOO good. I got the feeling my body was trying to tell me something.  I decided at that moment to just give in and allow my body to have the extra rest it needs while I am trying to make up for my decreased sleep. I did set an alarm for 20 minutes (not gonna lie, I snoozed twice) and when I got up I felt better. I need to remember that Logan's developmental leaps are only temporary and need to coincide with earlier bedtimes and naps for me so I can try and avoid feeling like this again. It's pretty crumby.

Our new rooster, "Tail," has made himself at home. 

He cooped himself up with the rest of the gang last night but he did sleep all the way on the opposite side of the roost. They were also chasing him away from the food this morning. I hung around to make sure he was able to eat something. He's so docile and skittish that we are worried he may not be able to close the deal with the girls. It's going to be interesting to observe him as he (hopefully) finds his way up the ranks in the pecking order.

David spent most of the day at the building site but when he got home he and Ayden played and played.

Mr. Logan turns 5 months old tomorrow!  At dinner tonight, we gave him a big carrot to gum on while the rest of us ate.  The first time it crossed his lips he made the funniest face.  I'm not sure if it was because of the cold temperature or the taste but after that initial shock he loved it.

It's a little crazy that almost half a year has come and gone since he joined our family and it's been amazing from the start!  In another month we'll start Baby Led Weaning just like we did with his brother at 6 months and then the real food fun will begin!


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