Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Simply Beautiful

I really soaked these two sweeties in today. 

Time is passing so fast and though they are both getting so big, I am trying to remember that they are still both so little. 

I've been told by more than one empty nester that these are the best days of my life and that they should not be taken for granted.  Today I took the time to see the big picture of my season with these boys and the time we have together for what it is. Simply beautiful.


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1 comment:

  1. I recently heard that it takes roughly three years to get used to being a parent. My son has just turned three and I must say that in the last couple of months I'm really feeling "ok". Not that I haven't at all up to now, but I definitely yearn for my old life less, & I finally feel able to enjoy this. Not that it's not still hard! Your boys are beautiful & I really can see how you can look back one day and see that time has slipped through your fingers, but sometimes it's hard to see the bigger picture isn't it?