Friday, February 6, 2015

Mean Old Groundhog

Proud big brother!

Sporting one of his new drool bandanas that I FINALLY finished.
(They were supposed to be for Christmas...)
We ran some errands today. Both boys did really great but it is sill tiring to get them both in and out so much. Add in a nursing session or two, potty breaks, diaper changes and lunch and it's really no wonder I stopped my weekly errand days. It's probably for the best since it obviously saves us money when I don't go shopping as often. The boys fell asleep on the way home. I got them both transferred inside and did some phone call and email responding that was a little overdue. The introvert in me has had more fun but it did really feel good to cross those of my list. 

I am soaking in this sweet gummy grin because some cute little teeth are going to poke through before we know it. 

Stop growing!!
Now that our eggs are settled in I'm getting organized for a garden game plan. We're going to *try* to keep it small since Ayden and I will be the primary caregivers. 

It's that time of year on the farm folks!  Fewer indoor projects and lots of time OUTSIDE!  I don't care what that mean old groundhog said, I am really excited about the fact that Spring is on it's way!!

Last bit of excitement for the day: 

We were out of several of our favorites and now they're back!


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