Wednesday, February 18, 2015

COLD Forecast

We got three more inches of snow overnight...

That's a COLD forecast, folks!
Yesterday it said the low on Thursday night was going down to -20* so -13* really isn't going to be so bad... right?

Needless to say, David took my car to work again today and we had another stay home day! And we (the kids and I) plan to do it tomorrow too.

Logan's sleep is finally falling back into familiar (predictable and solid) patterns.  His current developmental leap along with teething and being sick has been a doozy.  We are lucky it took a whole 5+ months before we had any sleep issues with him but that fact doesn't make us feel any better to endure physically.  I'm just glad an end seems to be in sight because he had me spoiled!

Our day went MUCH better today and it was my attitude alone that was different.  We can't control what happens in our lives but we CAN control how we handle it.  

Happy mama = happy kids.

We needed a few things from the grocery since I haven't made any trips to restock our kitchen staples so when David got home we took a family trip back out.

It was my first time out since we got covered by a beautiful blanket of snow and I soaked up all of the beauty that is a snow covered horse country.

We plan to stay in again tomorrow due to the low temps and the fact that David's car is literally buried in our driveway.  I'll probably drive him to work on Friday so we can spend the day out and about.  


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