Monday, February 16, 2015

Record Snow!

The snow started around 2 am (I know because I was up with Logan. Fun.) and by mid morning it looked like this. 

The company David works for had not called anything off so he drove my car and braved the elements. While he was gone Ayden and I had some indoor fun with the snow:

Painting a snowball.
(then breaking it to pieces)

Snow cream.
David texted at around 11:30 or so to let us know what they decided to send everyone home!  He was home by lunch time and after nap he took Ayden out to play!

Overall we got somewhere between 10-12 inches which is more all at once than we have seen all at once here in years!

Also, Logan discovered how to do this today: 

Sitting up in the bouncy seat.
He is closing a little chapter in his life. It is time to put a lot all of the baby gear away. He is working on cutting his first teeth, he no longer stays where we lay him down and he LOVES to be in on all of the action that we have going on around here. In just a few short weeks he'll start eating solids and before we know it he'll be crawling, pulling up, cruising then walking. It's been a joy to watch him grow and develop into a participant in life. 

What was the weather like wherever you are today?

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  1. You'll hate me after you read this, but it was 72 here on Monday! Come visit!