Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Pocket Full Of Jingle Bells

Ayden has been FILLING his pockets with treasures lately.  

Ever since our family reunion he has been a "camper" and he fills his pockets "camping tools."  At some point he found a baggie of jingle bells and added those to the collection.  He jingles when he walks and runs now and today, at the Farmer's Market, one came in handy when he pulled it out and started shaking it while he listened to some live music.

There's a video clip at the end of the post!

People also got a kick out of him walking around eating sweet banana peppers and cherry tomatoes by the handful.

He loves to balance on a retaining wall that we pass on our way from the car to the market.
Logan had a bit of a fussy and clingy day.  His nose started running on Wednesday during our vacation and today the drainage seemed to have made it to his chest.  He had a little cough and his little voice was raspy.

Poor baby.  But he was OH so cuddly all day!
And happy as long as I was someone was with him.
Just before bedtime, Ayden found a cricket and decided that our watering can would be a good place for it to live.  When he dropped it in, he looked in to check on it and found a salamander!

The cricket was quickly forgotten and we took some time to observe and explore the salamander before putting it back in the watering can too. I love how much he loves nature, critters and creepy crawlers.  It's so much fun to be so pleasantly surprised and excited about every find!

Here are a couple of clips from our day!


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  1. loved the video! Those boys are mega cuties!