Sunday, August 9, 2015

Eye Sore

We took an accidental break from play dough so when we brought it out today it kept Ayden engaged for quite a while!

I cleaned up our empty hives today.

And then there were two...

The two that remain are very full and busy!

They are bearding to beat the heat.

It was a good thing I went to take care of them when I did because some wax moths had recently moved in.

Here is some clean, healthy comb.

Here is some comb with the beginnings of wax moth infestation.
When there aren't any bees to defend and protect the hive, things like wax moths, hive beetles, mice, etc. can move in and set up shop.  My totally awesome hubby ran an extension cord from our kitchen to our chest freezer in the shed for me.  I stuck as many frames as I could in there and that will kill anything that may wreak havoc in our frames while they are not in use.  We'll freeze them overnight then tie them up in garbage bags until we need them come Spring.  It feels really good to have that taken care of.

David also hung a swing up on our side porch for Logan and he LOVES it!

This side porch is such an eye sore for us.  I've been reading Love The Home You Have by Melissa Michaels of the blog, "The Inspired Room," and in it she talks about setting up every nook and cranny of your living space as an inviting and relaxing as possible.  We want the outdoor toys to be easily accessible and we don't want to get rid of them but the way we are storing them is not working for us.  The book also discourages living a certain way because your arrangements are temporary.  We may only be living here for only four or so more months but in the mean time, we deserve to have a pleasant greeting from our current home while we still live here.  If nothing else, that can do a little something extra to help us manage the added stress of building our new home. 

Do you store your outdoor toys (cars and bikes included) in a way that keeps them easily accessible, but hidden from view?  Do share your ways! 


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  1. What about making a little privacy screen with lattice? Lots of ideas here: