Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Spontaneous Fun

We had some spontaneous fun today!  One of our play group friends texted the group to let us know they'd be spending the morning at the local public pool. We have had Summer passes that haven't gotten much use because of all the rain and our general overall business with the house and such. I let her know that we were in and switched gears from what was originally planned. 

Here is where we run into a problem. Getting out of the house in a timely manner seems impossible during this season of our life.  By the time we got out Logan was ready for his morning nap. He was asleep before we even got out of the driveway. The grocery was on the agenda so I texted my friend to let her know we'd be a littler later than we had originally planned then killed two birds with one stone by letting Logan nap in the cart while Ayden and I got our shopping done. 

He woke up and just enjoyed the scenery.  Sweet boy!
My big helper.
Then FINALLY, it was pool time!

We had a picnic lunch and swam and played for about 3 hours. It was a good day with my boys but having so much fun is hard work for a mama. It makes me appreciate my own mother and her efforts to make life fun for us when we were little. We were all happy and tired when we got home. Both boys took late, long afternoon naps and I plan to go to bed early tonight myself!  This is the last week that this pool is open on weekdays so I'm going to try and get the boys out there at least one more time. With school being back in session, we practically had the whole place to ourselves which is a lot of fun!


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