Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Backyard Adventures

When David left to go work on the house after dinner, the boys and I set out for some adventures!

We went for a walk/car/bike ride.

We saved a bug from a spider's web.

We walked to a nearby spring on our rental property.

Our last stop was a tiny house in our neighbor's yard. Both houses, our neighbor's and the cottage we are renting, are on the same farm and are owned by the same family.  The folks who were renting the neighboring house recently moved out. I have always been so interested in the tiny house in their front yard because it has a little front porch and what looks like a pipe for a wood burning stove. It has an old stone foundation and probably a really cool history to go with it.  Since the big house is currently vacant, I finally got to scope out the tiny house.  It was as interesting as I thought it would be.  It had a little wood burning stove and some curving stairs up to a loft.  There was a little front room that looked like it had been converted into a gardening shed or something.  That room was the only one that had electricity though it did not seem to be turned on.  It was neat to try and think back to what this house was originally.  A tiny house that was a thing before "tiny houses" were cool must be something pretty special.  Of course Ayden was in awe.  It was very dusty and had lots of cob webs and a few old furniture and such scattered about.  I would imagine that it probably seemed even cooler to Ayden than it did to me.  Ayden wants to go back and bring David and all of the grandparents with us.  Haha.  He also said we should all wear our swimsuits so we can swim in the spring together.

The adventures definitely helped us end our evening on a good note.  I can't wait to see what we can get into tomorrow.



  1. I remember that as a kid I always thought my aunt lived near Disney Land because there was this mini golf/play center that was visible from the freeway exit to her house. I went through many years of my life with the idea that she actually did. It wasn't until I was an adult that I realized the truth, but I think it's special that in my childhood perspective this tiny entertainment park was "DISNEYLAND!" My son thinks we live near the desert because there is a large farm that has a plot that is all dirt. He'll probably grow up with a memory that we once took him to the desert or something which I think it so fun! I wonder how Ayden's little mind rationalized the house and what his memory of it will be like. It's so special to see things through a child's eyes.

    1. It is! That adventure of ours yesterday was pretty special. I hope he remembers it and retells it to me from his 3 year old memory's perspective someday. That would be so fun!!