Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sideways Glance

Our first Kiwi Crate activity saved our morning!

It kept Ayden engaged and occupied and gave David a little break from role playing dinosaurs for the 987th time in the past week. 

Ayden wanted to do the second activity right then and there but we talked him into waiting since we get one box/two activities a month.  We plan to save activity #2 for our next stuck in a playing rut "emergency."

Everybody wins!
David finished wiring the upstairs of our house while the boys and I rans a few errands.

It was a beautiful day for the Sunday market.

We stopped at Michaels for some party supplies.
(among other errands)
The sidways glance... LOL!
Hard to believe Halloween stuff is out already!
My family invited us over for a bon fire hot dog dinner but we passed.  Logan's schedule has been a little shifted and I worked hard to get it back on track today.  Going to a 7:00 bon fire would have gotten him to bed just as late, if not later, than he has been which would have made all of my efforts for the day futile. Also, I need kid free time to recharge in the evenings and when one or both of them go to bed late, that means I end up staying up too late too.

 Instead, we enjoyed a family night in and had roasted chicken and veggies for dinner.

A little more healthy and appetizing than hot dogs anyway...

It is our turn to host play group tomorrow.  We have tried having a pool party at my parents' house the past 3 times that it has been our turn but the forecast turned to rain every time.  We are hoping the weather stays clear for one last hoorah in the pool for the end of Summer!


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  1. What a beautiful chicken! And that sideways glance. Hilarious...

    1. Thank you! It's a Paula Deen recipe. Butter makes for some beautiful, crispy, brown skin! ;)