Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Today was a massive errand day. 

As Ayden gets old enough to walk on his own I want to give him chances to practice. Until he masters the art of staying with me and not trying to buy all of the things (I know this is a lofty goal), things are a little more stressful for me. Part of me just wants continue on with my "you can only walk on your own when Daddy is with us" rule but the other part of me does not think that is very fair. He will not learn unless given the opportunity to do so. So as of right now, errand days wear me out more than ever before. 

Lucky for me, it is a Tuesday. This means it was a night for David to stay home for his quality time with our kids and while I have a couple of hours to nurture myself. I had something extra exciting on my agenda this week...  

Our favorite children's librarian approached me a few weeks ago with an offer. She is familiar with my degree and professional background, and has come to know me and my kids very well. Our local library has partnered with the family resource center at one of the elementary schools in town and together they were approved for a grant. With this money they are hosting a 6 month program that will reach out to local families, bring them together, feed them dinner and offer free child care while I talk with them about supporting and enriching their children's learning opportunities and development.  This is something I would have volunteered my time for but they had enough money to pay me!  So once a month for the next 6 months, I get to use my knowledge and skill set to work with families and their children as a "parent educator" for this program. 

When I came home I was so energized. I was also asked to become a member of the local Early Childhood Council which also meets once a month and I will start attending meetings this Thursday. I'm so happy to have found an opportunity to do a little bit of what I loved to do professionally while being a stay at home mom. The fact that all of this can go on a future resume and will put my foot in a door in this district for if I ever need it is definitely an added bonus. 

This evening I am feeling grateful for amazing opportunities and this cuteness:

What are you feeling grateful for today?


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  1. Congrats! Those sound like wonderful opportunities.

  2. How wonderful! I would love to attend the classes if I was local to you. You are a wealth of knowledge and those parents are lucky to have you as a resource! Good luck :)

    1. Thank you so much, Maria! It was great :) I al already looking forward to next month.

  3. That sounds amazing! Good for you Sarah!