Saturday, August 15, 2015

Every Day Of the Week

Mr. Logan had a run in with a clothes basket and now has a boo boo on his cute little nose. 

We were all ready to go to the farmer's market this morning but before we could get out the door, Logan fell asleep for his morning nap and Ayden was playing really well with a toy that had been out of rotation for a while (the magic of toy rotation still amazes me). I took the opportunity to dive into some housework and was on a roll! I decided that instead losing momentum on the house cleaning or having to rush to get to the market before it closed once Logan woke up, that we'd just go tomorrow instead. I LOVE how we can find the farmer's market somewhere every day of the week in the Summer. The atmosphere of the Saturday market is my favorite but I am thinking that making the Sunday market our new norm may be better for our schedule. It is closer to other weekly errands I usually run and if I can save some precious time these days I probably should...

We had dinner at one of our favorite spots with some of our favorite friends. Those kinds of evenings are the best kinds of evenings. 

We signed Ayden up for a pre-soccer program and it starts next week!  They do not give official shirts but after reading a book with soccer players in it, Ayden has his heart set on having a "soccer shirt."  He wants it to be red (his favorite color), he wants it to have a number 3 on it (his age) and he wants it to have his name in white letters. He has a vision! I picked up some white iron on letters and numbers at Hobby Lobby and we'll go shop the thrift stores for a plain red T-shirt after the market tomorrow. Our little enthusiastic soccer player shall have a custom soccer shirt if his very own on the cheap. He also needs some soccer socks and I'm pretty sure we will end up with the smallest and cutest ones ever made. We are excited for him to have his first "team" and coach experiences.  We hope he loves it!


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