Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Up, Up, and Away!

Current question: "Are carnivores bad guys?"
It's a tough one to explain...

Brother love!

I am a little over errands at the moment so before heading to the grocery today I packed a backpack full of books for Ayden and timed our trip during Logan's morning nap. 

It was wonderful and was the most peaceful grocery trip I have had in a while. 

While we were there, I had the florist counter fill up a HUGE balloon for me. Then we went straight to my parents' house for this:

David usually does all of the post processing on any photos that we take.  I decided to give it a whirl this time and it was fun!

Invitation ready!

The theme for his birthday party is "Little Explorer" because that is one thing that best describes him during this stage in his life. These photos were for the digital invitations for his party.

I can't believe his birthday is in less than a month. I spent some time combining the video footage and photographs from his birth and I was reminded of what an amazing experience it was in my life. I also got to hear those little newborn squeaks again which were lovely. Our whole newborn experience with him was lovely and having extra reason reminiscing has been sweet. 


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  1. Cute photo. Isn't it funny how we as women get baby hungry when our babies grow up. Someone told me to never tell people when I was done having kids because we just never know.

    1. Parenting has definitely taught me to never say never!

  2. Such a cute party theme! And he looks utterly adorable, as always. We were thinking of doing a mountain climber/camping/explorer theme for our baby who turns one soon, but then he started being obsessed with dinosaurs so we're going with that. Can't wait to see how the party Logan's party turns out. Good luck with planning and preparations!

    1. Thank you! Ayden had a dinosaur theme for his 2nd birthday party. And we were considering a camping theme for his 4th but now he is saying he wants construction
      "machines." It will probably change 3 more times between now and January. Haha! Good luck to you too, I bet everything you plan will be great!

    2. I thought I remembered Ayden having a dinosaur theme once. I've been reading since the veeeeery beginning when you were pregnant with Ayden. He is six months older than my older son, so I've always loved reading to see what was coming around the bend! Keep up the great work!

  3. I love the birthday pics. You did a great job! P.S. I know what you mean about errands. I always let Mac use a kid cart when shopping, but its so much work (especially cause my younger one is starting to use the kid cart too!)

    1. Thank you! Oh my... two with carts! I'm putting that off as long as I can!! Haha! At least Ayden will have a chance to have settle down a bit by then? A mama can dream. :)