Monday, August 24, 2015

Another Leap

It's that time again!

Logan is in a developmental leap/stormy period again.
Didn't we just get out of one of these?!?

His main signs that typically motivate me to open the app are that he wakes more frequently and is a little clingy/fussy (which is far from his "norm"). 

Something that amazes me every time I find that he has made it to another developmental leap is reading the examples for new behaviors and realizing that he just started doing some of them. 

He has started "washing" things with any wash cloth, rag or wipe he can get his hands on. Just today he got a pair of his shoes, sat down and held up a foot while trying to figure out how to put it on. He opened the door to the Cozy Coop and tried to get in by himself.  He has started signing.  I feel like the "click" of the connections involved in sign language would be classified in the leap of "programs" according to their definition. 

While he may be in a "stormy" period, he is still getting into that sweet spot territory between 10 and 20 months or so where they have developed enough to start being really interactive with us and their environment without the sass of a full blown toddler. It is adorable and so enjoyable.  It also makes me a little bit nostalgic for Ayden at this age.  And the flip side of that makes me wonder what Logan will be like as a threenager...  It's all such a great adventure.


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  1. He's probably just teething or ate something that disagreed with him. I am not a huge believer in the app and stormy period, quite superstitious to me. I think kids, like adults have their days and its all part of life.

    1. It is actually research based and I am a believer! :)