Sunday, August 24, 2014

Happy Place

I got to spend some time in my happy place today!

Crafting and sewing are some of my favorite ways to spend my time!

We went to the farmer's market to pick up our CSA box today since my sprinkle was yesterday. We are fortunate to have farmer's market locations every day of the week during the peak of the season so I emailed our CSA folks on Friday night to give them a heads up that we'd be coming today instead. Just during the short time we were there I got SO hot. 

I've been really lucky with a pretty mild Summer but this coming week is going to be brutal.  We had plans to go a charity event where kids can touch all kinds of service, emergency, and construction vehicles.  I was worried about being out in the heat for that long so David thought it would be fun to have some father/son time and took Ayden on his own.  While they were gone I sat down at my sewing machine, had some quiet time and worked on my niece's birthday present.  Her birthday is in late September but since I'm pretty sure my crafting will get put on hold for a bit, I figured I should go ahead and get it done now. I spent last week making a birthday present for my nephew who turned 3 this month.  I made him a "Stomp and Catch" game from this tutorial and it was a big hit.  I am making my niece a baby doll carrier and am pretty excited to give it to her!  Hopefully I can wait a month.

I seriously enjoy every step of a sewing project.  From browsing at the fabric store to seeing the finished project.  There is something about taking raw materials and turning them into something that someone can use and enjoy that is so enjoyable and satisfying to me. It also helps that many of the DIY gifts that I can make typically cost $10 or less.  It really helps us stretch our gift budget category!

When the boys got home Ayden was so excited to tell me about the experience.  He told me how they got to watch a helicopter take off and when it did it blew his hat off of his head.  He told me about how loud some of the trucks were and said that he had a good time with Daddy.  They don't have many outings alone together so I'm glad they got that quality time today.  We finished the evening at my parents house with a cookout and lots of cousin play.  My mom bought a new little puppy today, a chorkie (yorkie/chihuahua mix) named Lola, who I will have to introduce to the blog tomorrow.  She's pretty adorable and kept the kids pretty busy all evening.  We got home a little late but had a lot of fun!

What is your creative outlet?  What was your latest project? I'm always looking for fun things to make!


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  1. I have a chorkie too, as well as does my mom. They are nervous around children, but very good dogs. Most have sensitive tummies. They do well with toy breed food, holistic and grain free. Make sure the dry food is very tiny. We found chorkies to be extremely picky.

  2. I think I'm going to make the baby carrier for my niece for Christmas. Thanks for sharing!