Thursday, August 28, 2014

While We Wait

He drew a lamp with a "fan all around."
What a lucky mama I was today. Since Ayden went to bed late last night he fell back to sleep with me in our bed this morning and then fell back to sleep on me AGAIN when I got him up from his nap. 

So big yet still so little.  Just LOVE him!
I savored very moment and of course had to freeze the moment in time with a few photos. Perhaps he senses the changes that are coming our way?  Whatever it was, this mama was very grateful to get these extra quiet, sweet, snuggly times with my first born while we await the arrival of our second. It is also yet another opportunity to be grateful of my choice and ability to be a stay at home mom. It's not always easy or fun but these moments far outweigh all others.

 I truly love my job. 


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