Tuesday, August 5, 2014

First Honey Harvest!

We cashed in on our sweet reward tonight!  We had our parents over for dinner and then they helped us with our first big honey harvest.

Cutting off the caps

Taste test!

2 frames at a time into the extractor.

Our audience.

Strain through a metal strainer out of the extractor
Liquid gold!

2nd straining through cheese cloth.

Me and my honey.
And David too!  Haha.

The caps from 25 frames in the capping tank.
Sitting over night to get out every last drop.
It took us about 2 hours to extract the honey from 25 frames.  We got a little over 70 pounds of honey tonight and will even be doing a 2nd, smaller harvest at the end of the Fall.  We really enjoyed having our family here to help and hope to make it a tradition!  We told them that way pay in honey and hugs and they said that was more than enough. With being able to sell honey for $6/pound, along with never having to purchase honey for ourselves again (we eat about 3lbs/month), David figures it will take us about 2 years to make back what we have invested in our bees, hives and other equipment.  That's not too bad if we can keep this up for years to come!


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  1. Can you post a tutorial on how you cut Ayden's hair?

  2. Looks delicious!! It's great to see you yielding honey this year. Great job!