Thursday, August 7, 2014

A Waning Summer

I am finally accepting that Summer is coming to a close. The days are getting shorter, teachers are sharing pictures of their classrooms as they get ready for the year ahead and all of the Summer activities are coming to an end. This has been a really amazing Summer and I feel so fortunate to have been able to enjoy it so much!  The first thing that many people said to me when we told them we were expecting a baby in late August was usually, "Poor thing!  You will be miserable!" But that really hasn't been the case. I was worried that after such a brutal Winter we'd have an equally brutal Summer but Mother Nature was kind this season. I am sad that he Summer fun has to come to an end but am also beginning to look forward to what Autumn will bring. Who doesn't like pumpkin spiced everything and hot apple cider?

So, what's a gal to do with a waning Summer??  Milk it for all it's worth!  Today was my last day hosting play group so I invited all of the gals out to my parent's house for a swim again.  

We really had a lot of fun and afterward they drove over to see our house in progress:

Today, David and his dad wrapped it up like a present for me.

The paper keeps excess moisture and wind out of the house in case any sneaks behind the siding someday.

We had a pretty busy day overall today.  We went to the library this morning, stopped at the hardware store to pick something up, returned the honey extracting equipment, home for lunch and nap, back out for our play group swim, visit to the building site, back home to make dinner, took dinner to the building site, stopped back by my parent's house to pick up a few things, back home for bed time.  Shew!  I'm glad that the only necessary thing on our agenda tomorrow is paying our water bills and sticking some cards in the mail.  I plan to enjoy most of the day at home!

Are you holding onto Summer or are you looking forward to a new Season?


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