Monday, August 11, 2014

Marriage Advice

I didn't take any pictures today.  That is crazy talk for me but it was a day where I hardly knew where my phone was half of the day. I actually think it's a good thing to have days like that now and again.  The only big thing on our agenda today was play group and other than that we just hung out around the house.  

There were probably two major highlights of my day. The first was how snuggly Ayden was when he woke up from his nap.  He even put his little hands on either side of my neck, looked me in the eye, gave me a kiss on the lips and then put his forehead to mine and sat there, taking in whatever it is that kids can draw from their mothers.  Love? Comfort? Loads of warm fuzzies?  Whatever it was, my heart melted into a puddle on the floor.  

The other highlight was smooching with my hubby with his freshly shaven face.  He is so tender and sweet and I just love being in his arms.  I am so happy to be going into this "parents of two" adventure without the worry that kids may come between us like we had the first time around.  We understand that Logan will bring some new challenges into our lives and marriage; but we also know that we are strong enough to weather many a storm and still come out with one another as #1 in the end.  There is no big secret that we have found, it's just that somewhere along the way we realized that it is up to us to choose each and everyday to love, nurture and serve one another.  It is always a choice.

I recently found an article floating around the social media world somewhere that speaks to this.  It is marriage advice written for men by a divorced man, though I think husbands and wives alike can benefit from reading it and heading the advice.  There wasn't a single point that I did not agree with.  It was a good reminder for me and I forwarded it to David and he felt the same way.  In the past we have done things like read The 5 Love Languages and gone through our old love letters to help us keep our priorities in perspective.  Sharing little articles and blog posts like these help in the same way.  Gentle reminders that life is short and each and everyday should be filled with love and laughter.  

What's your best piece of marriage advice?  Is there anything you and your spouse do to keep a perspective that kindles your spark?


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