Thursday, August 21, 2014


We got Ayden a Dusty backpack and he's kind of in love.

He packed it himself with all kinds of goodies.
Everyone needs a backpack to do chicken chores.  Right??
We had kind of a full day today.  Story time at 10, Chiropractor at 11:15,

a lunch date,
and a midwife appointment at 1:30 (everything still looks great!).  After all that Ayden and I both took nice, long naps and then got on with the rest of our days.  Maverick is still shedding like a mad man even though we got him groomed recently.  This crazy KY summer weather is confusing his undercoat and making him shed more than normal.  I am vacuuming every other day and we are still living in fur tumbleweeds which is torture for this nesting mama.  It might be worth the money to have him groomed AGAIN before Logan gets here in hopes that we won't have to live in a furry mess during the early newborn days when no one will have time or energy to vacuum.  I did the dishes and got the place vacuumed and instantly felt so much weight lifted off of my shoulders.  I then got Ayden set up with some watercolors while I got dinner going.  

I had chicken tortillia soup on the menu and when I went to get a few ingredients I came across this magic:

It turned out really good!  I highly recommend it.  I added corn, potatoes, bell peppers and cabbage from our CSA and some shredded mexican chicken that I cooked in the crock pot yesterday.  

After dinner, David went to build and was SO excited about a full afternoon to do so.  His dad is here and there was no rain in the forecast.  Ayden and I headed over to my parents house so Ayden could play with the boys and I could visit with my parents and sister. 

David gets there to find this:

Someone had broken into our building site (cut the chain and everything) and stole some of our building equipment.  They got away with David's air compressor, his circular saw, his dad's shop vac, a radio, my dad's concrete drill and a tool kit (ratchet wrenches and such).  Ugh.  We have so many feelings going through us from feeling violated that strangers were on our private property and in the basement of our future home to "how can there be people in the world, living amongst us, who would do such a thing?"  The creepiest part is that these folks knew that we had a lock on our gate and seemed to come prepared with bolt cutters.  They've had their eye on us for a while.  We are just hoping they got what they were looking for and that they don't come back.

Though they lost some time taking inventory of missing items and filing a report with the police, they still managed to get a wall up on the first dormer! 

Nothing can stop my man!
The truth of the matter is that sometimes bad things can happen to good people but in the end, this was just stuff.  Replaceable stuff.  So small in the grand scheme of life and even though right now it feels kind of big when we think about how our insurance has a $1,000 deductible, how we will be paying to replace the stolen items,  and how there is a chance they'll just come back in a couple of months and do it again.  But we know that in the grand scheme of life it means nothing when we are all still here, healthy and together.  It's all about perspective.

Any tips on how we can protect our building site while we are away??   


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  1. Sarah, sorry for the robbery. You are keeping it together well it appears! Impressive for a pregnant woman. That is creepy that you got violated like that. Each time you post pictures of the building site, I see so much green pasture and just feel serenity looking at it. I guess things like that can happen anywhere! That 1,000 deductible sucks. I know how hard your husband works and too lose precious tools like that, how discouraging. I double agree on getting your doggy groomed. After a baby, you will not want to deal with shedding.

  2. Grr...I'm sorry to hear about the theft Sarah ;( but way to keep it positive and know that it can happen to anyone of us but how we choose to react to it is all that matters! I look fwd to reading your posts each night and am so excited to see your home completed and your journey w Logan! You have a sweet family. Will be praying for you guys to recover from the mean people and a safe delivery.

  3. wireless surveillance.. not sure if you have an internet line out there?? we have a condo that we rent out and there is always trouble going on over there. Thank God for surveillance camera's we have set up on the roof where we can monitor everything. Ours is not hooked up to the internet but runs on a tape kinda thing where we can go back and look at the "tapes" which we have had to do several times. It set us back about $200 dollars but completely worth it. We are homesteader wannabe's too and we are slowly becoming "preppers" with this surveillance deal lol..