Wednesday, August 27, 2014

40 Weeks Pregnant With Logan

Well, we've made it!

40 weeks today
To date I have gained about 31 pounds and just have a couple of small stretch marks on my left hip (the same place I got one during Ayden's pregnancy.  My right hip must be stretchier than the left.  Haha).  

Excited big bro!

I am happy to have enjoyed another beautiful pregnancy and everyday I am getting more and more excited to meet this little person that has been growing inside of me since December.  It's hard to wrap my mind around loving another little one the way we do Ayden and I'm looking forward to experiencing it.  

Everything looked great at our 40 week appointment today.  My blood pressure was a little high for me and I was dehydrated but my midwife said that both of those things are typical for a pregnant woman in this kind of heat (the high was 90* today with 55% humidity, heat index of 95*).     She told me to take it easy and drink lots of water.  

My sisters and I had a sister date this evening.  

My parents had their kids and David's mom watched Ayden (he was beyond stoked) and the three of us got to go out and be the silly sisters we always are when we are together without our kids.  We tried to think back and are pretty sure that the last time that we were alone for quality time like that together may have been more than 10 years ago.  My oldest sister's oldest son is 7 so it's been at least that long.  We all nurse our babies for a long time so once we started having kids and always had nurslings around, we've always been visiting amidst the chaos.  It was nice to have a little quiet time together before I start the next wave of babies with Mr. Logan.  We ate good food, laughed, talked and connected in a way that was much needed.  

Other than breaking a sweat the moment I step out into the heat, I am feeling really good.  I have mentally gotten to a place where I am ready to birth and ready to meet our sweet new little man but I'm also comfortable and content to stay pregnant for a while longer.  It's a good place to be in.

How do you stay connected with your siblings when you all start having kiddos?


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  1. I ate Paleo during my pregnancy and wasn't gaining enough weight. I only gained a total of 10 pounds my entire pregnancy. I blame that on the Paleo diet. I felt so energetic, never sluggish and had the best digestion of my life. My doctor ordered I see a nutritionist because of my poor gaining but I refused. I felt spectacular!! I ate a lot too, all typical Paleo stuff and even coconut bread often. I am way surprised you gained 30 pounds on your Paleo diet. You look beautiful. I hope you continue to have many more kids in the future, maybe a little girl.

    1. Thank you! We'll never say never but we always felt like 2 was a good number :). We haven't been 100% Paleo due to various reasons for quite a while now. I gained about 29lbs with Ayden and actually wanted to gain more than that this time around because he sucked the life out of me the first 9 months or so of breastfeeding. I had trouble keeping weight on and my midwife really wants her clients to hold about 5 extra lbs when they are nursing. I am happy with the amount that I have gained and if my milk production is anything like it was for Ayden this time around, I'll have no problem losing all of it and more within a few months. I really think as long as you are not over doing the "eating for two" thing, a woman's body will gain what it needs for that particular baby and mother.

  2. I love that mental space you're talking about. I was there with my first. Excited knowing I would be meeting my son soon, but also perfectly content to be pregnant for as long as he needed/wanted to stay put!

  3. so excited for you! I had to go back and read Ayden's birth story just for fun :)