Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Play Time!

I had a chiropractor appointment this morning and I felt so good afterward!  They have moved me back to 2 visits a week now that we are late in the game and relaxin is kicking in.  I am holding alignment well overall but they want to increase the chance of me having had a recent adjustment when I go into labor so twice a week it is.  They even encourage me to get in and have an adjustment while I am in labor if it happens during office hours.  We shall see...

After lunch and nap we headed over to my parent's house for cousin time. 

My dad also played with all of the kids after dinner for a while so my mom and sisters could all visit, laugh and enjoy some lady company.  It was a really nice evening.  

David and his dad got started on framing our dormer windows but it got dark before they could snap a photo of the day's progress.  It's crunch time with the house because of Logan's impending arrival and David's dad traveling a lot for work this month.  David's goal was to get it dried in by the time Logan gets here.  We aren't sure they'll get to that point but he still wants to get as close as he can.


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