Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lola Bug

Here is our CSA haul this week:

I gave grilling corn on the cob in the husk a try tonight and it turned out really good.  I learned that the trick is to soak them in water before hand so they don't burn (like wooden kabob skewers).  It took about 20 minutes and the corn was tender and sweet.  It was really simple and each person husks their own cob so this method is a big time saver for the cook as well. I plan to make baba ganoush with the egg plant and some potato salad with the potatoes.  The greens didn't look so hot so those are unfortunately going straight to the chickens.  I'm going to cut the peppers into strips and use those to dip in the baba ganoush.  Everything else will just get cooked up with dinner somehow.  There were also ground cherries but those don't last long in this house.  Ayden and I took them as our snack to play group and they were gone in minutes.  It was actually really nice of our CSA folks.  I have told them that they introduced me to my new love for ground cherries and they said they put all the ground cherries they could find this week in our box.  It made me feel special.  I guess it really pays to take the time to talk to and build relationships with people.

My mom and sister took all of Ayden's cousins to an aquarium an hour away today.  It was a slow-paced and quiet day for us.  I got A LOT of house work done.  It was MUCH needed since I've been spending the time I typically spend doing things like folding laundry and such over at my parents house visiting.  They felt bad leaving me behind but I assured them that I needed a day just like today.  They also offered to take Ayden with them but I declined.  I want to maximize my one on one time with him before everything changes.  Ayden took a long bath and I just sat by the tub and played with and talked to him the whole time.  It was really nice quality time for sure.

We did leave the house to run a few local errands and we stopped by to see my dad and mom's new puppy.

She is a funny and sweet little dog and is fitting in really well with the family.  Ayden LOVES her and is so gentle when he is around her.  We call her "Lola Bug" and she is very entertaining to say the least.  

We got Ayden to bed before 8:00 which was a first in a while and I enjoyed the extra time it added to my evening.  Today really was what I was needing.  My spirits feel lifted, I feel refreshed, and I'm ready to take on the rest of the week!  


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