Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Prepping The Big Bro

We've been talking about Logan to Ayden ever since we found out we were pregnant but for Ayden, books are really what drive points home.  Here are a few that we've been reading to him:

Mama's Milk talks about babies nursing.
There's a great page that shows a baby nursing and a big kid eating food.
Perfect conversation starter to prep Ayden for Logan nursing.

New Baby At Your House shows real photos of families with babies.
The best page talks about how a boy feels angry and tries to hit the baby.
It gave us a good phrase to use if that happens.
"It's okay to feel angry but we can't let you hurt the baby."
Mother's Lap talks about how there's always room on Mother's Lap.

The New Baby talks about all of the things a big brother can do with a new baby.

Best Ever  Big Brother compares babies to big kids.

Ayden has been really interested in these books and has been choosing them time and time again.  We are pleased with the questions he is asking and the conversations they are sparking.

In the nesting world, today I hung some curtains over the french doors in the room where Logan's pack-n-play is set up.  We have a sofa bed in that room and I plan to sleep in there a lot in the early days so that David and Ayden can continue to get good sleep.  The curtains will also give more privacy in that room in case I need it.

On the new home front, David and his dad have gotten a lot of the sheathing on the roof!



The house is really coming along!  

We had a late night tonight.  My chiropractor's office asked me to take some photos for their website since they did not have any advertising their maternity care.  I gladly accepted, especially since they are going to credit my account in exchange!  Ayden hung out with David's mom while I went to their office after hours and we didn't get him to bed until close to 9:00.  My sister and her boys are coming in to town tomorrow and will be here through the 1st.  The next couple of weeks should hold a lot of excitement!


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  1. Most kids get jealous over a new baby. Even with book prep, he may still get a tad bit jealous. If however you notice he ever hurts the baby, as some kids do to release their frustrations, don't hesitate to discipline him so he wont do it again. My daughter is only 14 months and very possessive of her stuff. She has started hair pulling, clawing and pushing other kids. I have no idea where she learned these behaviors.

  2. I love that you are taking so much time to prep Ayden for the days to come. I'm betting you will be so glad you did once Logan is here!

    The house is really coming along quickly. So exciting :)