Friday, August 15, 2014

An Elephant Never Forgets

Someone slept an extra hour in our bed this morning.
And STILL didn't want to get up.
The snuggles were AMAZING.
Ayden has the memory of an elephant. He never forgets anything. For example, last week at the library he found the kid's movies. He wanted to check out one of the Thomas DVDs that he saw on the shelf. We had just borrowed Monster's Inc. from his grandma to watch that weekend so I said we could get it next time we come. What did he do as soon as we walked in yesterday?  He ran straight to the shelf and brought me that DVD.

My mom treated all the kids to horseback riding lessons today!
He also has a great memory while he is sleeping. If there is anything that we say he can do "after nap" or "when we wake up in the morning" you better believe it'll be the first thing he talks about when he wakes up. This morning as he was waking up, meaning not even fully lucid yet, he started saying, "I wanna go. I wanna go..." And once he had become fully awake he hopped up and said, I wanna go to Papaw and Naunie's house!" Because he remembered that his cousins would be sleeping there.

Ayden was looking forward to his turn until we got up close to the horse.
Then he was a little too scared.
He loved watching though!
He also does this thing that David and I find hilarious. If we go out to do chicken chores and forget his little bowl or sit down to dinner and forget his drink, fork or something he laughs and says, "Oh whoops, you almost forgot ____!" David and I have added this to our list of Aydenisms we use when we talk to one another. It always makes us smile and is a fun way to remind eachother about things. 

He can also recall details and events long passed. The things people say and do and where we were when certain things happened. The lesson here is, don't say or do anything around Ayden that you don't want shared with the world because chances are, he's going to tell someone about it at some point. Even if it is a year later. 

David flew solo with working on the house (his dad is out of town).
I'm so proud to have such a handy man!

Does your toddler have the memory of an elephant?  Have they ever told a story you'd rather them not?

~ Sarah

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  1. My son is like that too. He never forgets anything. We went on vacation the last week of June and while we were gone his fish passed away. When he came home and immediately noticed it was gone, I told him his Nan took it to her house. He let it go at that until just about 2 days ago when he asked me when we were going to bring his fish back home. Looks like this mom will be making a trip to the pet store.

  2. It's probably safe to say all kid do. My nephew was the same at that age and now my son (3) is that way. I have to be careful how I explain things because if I explain something to satisfy one specific scenario he will remember it and expect that to apply each time. They're so fun!