Wednesday, August 6, 2014

37 Weeks Pregnant WIth Logan

Well we have made it to term!  

37 weeks pregnant.

Logan can come any time he wants now and everyday I am getting a little less anxious and a little more excited.

To celebrate, Ayden and I had a stay home day!  Well... I guess not entirely stay home since we took a walk to my parents house and visited for about an hour this morning before walking back.

He insisted on wearing his boots...
The rest of the day was spent nesting!  I had washed his car seat, bouncy seat, swing and rock and play sleeper covers a few days ago.  It was all dry and ready to be assembled and set up, along with the pack-n-play which will be his bed (in addition to wherever I sleep) since we are not purchasing another crib until we move into our new house and get Ayden into his own room.

I know that none of this stuff is really necessary but there was just something about getting it all set up made me feel ready for him.  I guess it's because we haven't been working on a nursery and I just had a need to give him a place of his own, even if it is through bits and pieces of gear spread throughout the house.

I also placed an Amazon order today for the remaining baby supplies that we needed along with a big brother gift for Ayden.

Some other big things that are still left on our "Get Ready For Logan" to do list: put his car seat in the car (I'd also like to vacuum the car and clean Ayden's car seat), a few more items for my home birth kit, do a test inflation of our birthing pool, packing our "just in case" hospital bag and a little "just in case" overnight bag for Ayden, inflate my birthing ball (I did this once already but Ayden pierced it with a screwdriver the next day.  Good thing we have a spare...), putting some curtains up in our TV room where I plan to bunk with Logan on our pull out couch for the first couple of weeks, have a photo printed as a gift for our midwife, finish putting things together for a "busy bin" that will hopefully act as a special treat to keep Ayden busy while I nurse Logan so much in those early days.  If I don't get these things done it wouldn't be the end of the world, other than getting his car seat in the car I suppose, but that's what I'll be working on.  That should keep me busy enough!

What was one big nesting task that made you feel officially ready to have your baby?


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  1. My Annalee has been in a pack and play since she's been born!
    She has a crib but would prefer her pack and play :)
    I wish I lived close enough to my Mom to walk to visit. I used to and she moved. I miss it.

  2. Yesterday I finished buying all the clothes I needed at a local consignment sale! Now all that is left for me at 37 weeks is to finish washing the clothes I bought, get some batteries for the swing and bouncy seat, clean out our car, and shampoo the carpet!

  3. You look fantastic! How awesome that you only have a few things left to do before baby Logan arrives.