Sunday, August 10, 2014

One Step Closer

Today was another super rainy day.  We had a lazy morning (although I did reorganize Ayden's playroom so I could incorporate some of Logan's toys into it and set up a nursing station in there) and we ran errands in the afternoon.  It was perfect.  I also finally unpacked and got a picture of yesterday's CSA bounty:

During a break in the rain, David installed Logan's car seat:

Ayden is pretty excited about having a backseat buddy!
One more thing crossed off the list and one step closer to being ready to meet this little guy!

We stocked up on pet food and dog bones at the pet store today so we shouldn't have to make another trip there until well after Logan's arrival.  We held a "teeny tiny" puppy per Ayden's request:

Little Miss and Ayden are good buddies these days!

While we were running our errands, David and his dad got the fascia onto the house (which is the horizontal board going across the rafters that will hold the gutters).  They got drenched in the process.  This rain has been CRAZY this weekend!

My mom's dryer is on the fritz so she came over to borrow ours after Ayden went to bed.  She washed my dishes for me and shelled some CSA beans and we chatted.  It was nice to spend the evening with her.  I have stayed up way too late, though, so now it's off to bed for me! 

And now, I shall leave you with Ayden's rendition of the ABC's:

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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